The Certification Year at a Glance

 January 15 Deadline for candidates to mail application for examination
 Late January Plaques and pins mailed to new CHPs
 January/February AAHP Executive Committee meets
 March 1 Nominations due for William McAdams Outstanding Service Award, Joyce P. Davis Memorial Award, and Nancy K. Johnson National Service Award
 Late March Acceptance letters mailed to examination candidates
 Late March/Early April AAHP election ballots available (online/mailed)
 Late April Recertification packets sent to CHPs who are due for recertification
 Late May/Early June Entrance slips and final information sent to exam candidates
 June/July Certification exam is given on the Monday of the HPS Annual Meeting 
ABHP Board of Directors meets 
AAHP Executive Committee meets 
AAHP Open Meeting is held 
AAHP and ABHP Awards presented at AAHP Awards Luncheon
 September Certification maintenance fee notices are sent
 November ABHP Board of Directors and Part I Panel meets
 Late November ABHP certification examination results are posted